Pluto's Full Rotation

Galaxies and Nebulas are awesome.

Open and Globular Star Clusters are equally wonderful to watch.

However, nothing compares to the excitement of seeing a distant world´s surface. There´s a distinct enjoyment when one can resolve the topographic features of the heavenly real estate.

This is a tour of the Solar System from a whole new perspective.

It´s an amateur astronomers´s take on our planetary neighborhood, from Mercury to Pluto.

All major bodies were photographed and commented, some for the first time ever in unprecedented detail.

While trying to find ways to see the entire Solar System, SPACENOW developed a novel method of image processing with the employment of three software programs.
Named HMIR, this technique breaks away with some established rules of astro imaging with results that proved excellent including a surprising level of sharpness and resolution regardless of the distance to the object targeted.

The unorthodoxy of HMIR is better understood in the HMIR pre-requisites described on this website.



Pluto's Full Rotation

Orbital interactions of Pluto/Charon captured by spacenow through the years start to get confirmed by space probe

Latest Pluto image (#5 in full rotation mosaic) unveils 2nd giant mountain measuring at least 270 kms in height!

Pluto's puzzling moon Charon finally gets decyphered. Object's complete rotation reveals a world still unfinished

Saturn's moon Rhea resembles Uranu's Ariel, through a CCD camera

First clearcut image of Dwarf planet Ceres reveals an imperfect sphere

Saturn's moon Dione comes across with a multi-featured surface constitution

The Large Magellanic Cloud is the most visible deep sky object after the stars


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